6 Reasons Vape Shops Should Promote 0% Nicotine Vapes

6 Reasons Vape Shops Should Promote 0% Nicotine Vapes

1. Google Trends – “0 nicotine disposable vape” is a Breakout Keyword Phrase in 2022


The most successful vape stores have experienced a major increase in sales of zero nicotine products. The trend is set to continue growing because e-cigarette smokers are flocking to 0 nicotine options. In fact, based on the analysis by vape marketing specialists: “Zero nicotine brands and some of its variations are very powerful breakout keyword phrases. We are also tracking other algorithm friendly variations that include 0 nicotine vapes near me, which suggests that vape-users are seeking physical smoke shops near them that carry nicotine-free e-cigarettes.”

 2. Less Filings, Less Taxes, Less Risk


Many states are passing a multitude of confusing and highly restrictive laws on the sale of vapes. The PACT Act, state statutes and local regulations make it difficult to keep track of the complex tax and filing requirements. Operating a business is challenging enough, so why not sell a product that is increasing in popularity, while minimizing burdensome paperwork and reducing the risk of being hit with unexpected fines. In fact, you can find out whether 0 nicotine devices are entirely legal in a given state and capitalize on that leniency. Whenever possible, it makes sense to operate your business with fewer headaches while delivering customers a product that is exploding in demand. Smart business owners will continue to meet a growing appetite for flavorful e-cigarettes while reducing the risk and costs of regulation. That said, certain states tax and restrict ALL vaporizers, including 0 nicotine, so make sure to confirm the law before selling any ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems).


 3. Better for your Buyers.


Consumers are bombarded with disclosures about the risks of nicotine. There are numerous public sector and agency campaigns encouraging more informed smoking decisions. Smokers and vapers are looking for solutions to satisfy their desire for a pleasant experience without the guilt or lectures attached. Finding alternatives that are enjoyable create long-term commitment to the better choice. More importantly, whether customers opt for zero nicotine or reduced nicotine products, they will know you have their well-being in mind. Show your professionalism by having high-quality and flavorful alternatives to nicotine that they can enjoy. 


 4. Celebrity Trendsetters Draw Buyers to Vaping Businesses by Releasing Special Flavors



Celebrity expert on everything delicious, Foodgod is one of the visionaries spearheading the 0-nicotine trend.  He has traveled the world in search of the most satisfying taste experiences, now infusing some of his signature flavors to be enjoyed by his very large following. At a recent pre-launch event in Florida, Foodgod explained his vision: “I have selected my favorite foods and captured them in a 0% nicotine disposable vape. It’s another powerful way for the senses to experience great flavors.  I wanted to create a treat for the palate to experience something unique and scrumptious without the addictive chemicals.”  Foodgod’s name recognition and independent brand marketing will help vape businesses compete for physical traffic and organic search engine placement by including his brand in no nicotine content.  

 5. International Vape Business - Approved


Many countries have restrictions on high nicotine concentration e-cigarettes. For example, certain areas only allow up to 2% (20mg) salt nicotine strength. 0 nicotine is the perfect product for the UK and other regions. If you are a wholesaler in America and looking to expand your reach, these nicotine-less options will open many doors and new international sources of revenue for you. It’s easy to find the vaping laws in different countries and prepare marketing campaigns accordingly. For vape shops and distributors in nicotine-restricted countries, brands like Foodgod provide an edge over competitors and something special for your customers. The 0 nicotine disposable e-cigarette category offers a great business opportunity for international vape sales.


 6. Consumers are Increasingly Choosing a Flavorful Smoking Experience Over Nicotine. 


Consumer analytics and Internet data research strongly suggest that many smokers would choose a ZERO nicotine brand over a nicotine brand, IF the alternative is satisfying a particular taste preference. With high profile popular figures such as Foodgod paving the way, the quality of devices and taste experiences is increasing exponentially. E-cigarette consumers are going to continue looking for flavorful no nicotine versions of their favorites, as well as experimenting with the great variety that is coming into the market. Stay tuned with this powerful trend and watch your foot traffic and online presence grow as you publicize your selection in the fast-growing zero nicotine electronic cigarette device category.

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