Foodgod Launches 0% Nicotine Vape

Foodgod Launches 0% Nicotine Vape Inspired By His Favorite Tastes

After carefully formulating the best e-liquid flavors for several months, Foodgod released a line of zero nicotine disposable vapes based on his favorite tastes from across the globe–encouraging people to drop the addictive chemicals for a tastier e-cigarette alternative.


January 2022 | Foodgod took his vast knowledge about food and applied it to e-cigarettes. The flavor visionary selected some of tastiest and rarest foods from his travels and infused them into ZERO PERCENT nicotine disposable vape devices. He instructed his development team to steer clear of nicotine. People can now enjoy that familiar vaping experience without the addictive or adverse effects. 


Foodgod’s Vaping Vision


At a recent pre-launch event in Florida, Foodgod explained his vision:  "I have selected my favorite foods and captured them in a 0% nicotine disposable vape. It’s another powerful way for the senses to experience great flavors. I wanted to create a treat for the palate to experience something unique without dependence-causing chemicals."


The Vape Industry has a New Favorite


Foodgod nicotine-free vapes are quickly becoming a favorite for vapers and e-cig businesses. The industry is raving about these delectable nicotine-less electronic cigarettes:


“Foodgod 0% nicotine vapes taste better than any other disposable, including the nicotine ones. I’ve almost completely stopped using nicotine,” says Victor, a long-term vape-user.


“Best 0 nicotine e-cig! Our customers love it,” says Zulu vape


“If you’re seeking a better-tasting vaping experience or to quit nicotine, Foodgod is the perfect choice,” says Puffin Vape Shop.


Gourmet Tastes in a Disposable Vape


The initial selection includes special flavors, such as Banana Azul, Coffee Affogato, Pink Pineapple, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, and other unique options. Check out all 15 scrumptious Foodgod vape flavors.


About Foodgod: Foodgod is a leading expert on everything delicious. He has traveled the world in search of extraordinary tastes. From sharing meals with the Kardashians to introducing exotic dishes to millions of people, Foodgod is a true master of food and flavor.