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Foodgod Zero

Zulu Picks For You Mystery Vape 0% Nicotine - 5 Pieces

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Do you like surprises?  Do you like deals?  

Let our packing crew pick 5 0% Nicotine disposable vapes for you from our Mystery Vape Bin!  The device you receive will be from any one of the many brands we stock on our site, along with many others!

Whats the Catch?

All of the products that make it to our Mystery Vape Bin are products whose external packaging didn't make the grade for shipment to our customers or display in our Retail stores.  Due to this, products may or may not ship with their external cardboard packaging.  These devices would be sold at a discount in our Retail stores otherwise, but we wanted to offer them to our customers who may be looking for a deal, or an opportunity to potentially try something new.  


*Stock levels and availability may vary.  We are not able to guarantee any specific device, flavor, or nicotine content.  Nicotine content in each device is 0%.  Coupon codes are not valid for use on this product.